How CBD Can Help Your Pet With Common Health Issues

As pet owners, we all want our furry friends to be as healthy and happy as possible. Unfortunately, pets can suffer from a variety of medical conditions that affect their quality of life. Fortunately, more and more pet parents are turning to CBD oil to help alleviate their animal’s ailments. Here we’ll discuss how CBD oil can help your pet with common health issues such as anxiety, arthritis, digestive problems, skin issues and more.

CBD is short for cannabidiol – one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis plants (hemp and marijuana). Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive component found in marijuana, CBD does not cause any “high” or intoxication. However, it has been said to help relieve pain and inflammation, reduce stress levels and improve moods. In addition to that there are a number of other potential therapeutic benefits associated with CBD use in humans and animals alike.

How Does It Work?

CBD works by interacting with specific receptors located throughout the body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system plays an important role in regulating various physiological processes, including sleep cycles, appetite control and immune response. By targeting these receptors directly with CBD oil, you may be able to stimulate this system into action thus providing relief from various symptoms related to certain medical conditions.

Benefits Of Using CBD For Pets

A major benefit of using CBD for pets is its ability to reduce anxiety levels in animals that suffer from separation anxiety or fear-based behaviors when left alone at home or taken to public places such as the vet etc. It can also help to reduce pain associated with diseases such as cancer, and promote better mobility. It can also help reduce chronic pain associated with conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, while promoting better joint mobility! Finally, some studies have even shown that regular use can lead to improved digestion due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, helping to soothe the irritation of the intestinal lining caused by certain food allergies or sensitivities.

Safety & dosage guidelines

It’s important to note that each pet may respond differently to this supplement, so please consult your veterinarian before giving them any type of medication, including cannabis products like CBD oil for cats. When using CBD oil, it’s best to start slowly with very small doses, such as 0.25mg/kg of body weight twice daily, and then gradually increase over time as needed, depending on what works best for your individual pet! Always discuss dosage schedules with your vet first, just make sure they are getting enough, but not too much either way – too high doses can lead to unwanted side effects like lethargy, nausea, vomiting etc… so always keep a close eye on dosage amounts!

Dosage forms & routes of administration

CBD comes in different forms such as oils, tinctures, capsules, edibles, creams, balms, sprays, topical lotions, patches etc..When choosing between forms, consider factors such as ease/convenience of administration route, cost-effectiveness, absorption rate, desired effect duration, potential interactions with other drugs being taken etc..for example oral ingestion might work best if looking for long term effects whereas topical applications might provide faster relief to localised areas but could need to be reapplied often depending on the severity of the problem being treated etc…

Where to buy quality products?

It’s important to buy CBD products that are approved by organizations such as the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) as they will ensure safety standards are met when selecting products to give pets! Also try to look for companies that source hemp plants US sources follow Good Manufacturing Practices GMPs third-party lab test results verify purity potency concentrations available online view detailed product labels any additional info you need make an informed decision whether right for your particular situation not!


In conclusion, research suggests that administering CBD oil to cats may help manage various common health issues and promote overall well-being for feline companions alike! Before adding any supplement regimen though, be sure to speak to a vet, go over proper dosage guidelines, forms of administration, determine which product is safe and most effective given the circumstances, always double check labels, choose quality sourced products only, avoid any contamination, unwanted substances could harm the pet, worse case scenarios even fatal reactions occur extreme cases so know exactly what to give, no matter what takes time, effort involved, worth knowing four legged friend getting absolute best care possible!