Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery: Are They Safe?

Reconstruction of your facial and bodily features and enhancement of one’s appearance through surgical techniques is what plastic and cosmetic surgeries are all about. It is not always that we are happy with how we look, and we have all the right to alter our bodies as per our preferences, but there is always a possibility of things not working in our favor.

What are Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries?

Plastic surgery refers to the medical specialization in the reconstruction and correction of facial and bodily defects arising out of diseases, traumas, burns, and birth disorders. It is focused on rectifying the dysfunctional areas in one’s body.

Cosmetic Surgeries are more focused on enhancing the appearance of a person through medical and surgical techniques. Cosmetic surgeries, like plastic surgeries, can be performed on all areas of the body. Many hospitals and clinics provide effective cosmetic treatments, one of them being the Masri Clinic.

Are Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries safe?

Like any other surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgeries, too, do not come without risks. Here are a few advantages, as well as risks, to help you decide whether it is a procedure meant for you or not.

Benefits of Cosmetic Surgeries

Enhanced Appearance

People prefer to get cosmetic surgeries done because they are not satisfied with their natural appearances. And one of the benefits of cosmetic surgeries is that they align your natural and desired appearance, ultimately giving you an improved version of yourself.

Improved Confidence and Physical Health

Once you have the desired appearance, your self-esteem is automatically bound to rise. Cosmetic surgeries can have an incredible impact on your mental health and social life, help you let go of the insecurities, and get back to a better lifestyle.

Cosmetic surgeries can also help you improve your physical health. For example, a rhinoplasty surgery not only improves the way your nose looks but can also cure respiratory issues that you might be facing. Similarly, liposuction can help people maintain a better and fitter lifestyle post-surgery.

Psychological Benefits

Cosmetic surgeries can have significant psychological benefits. It can help give you an improved state of mind with regard to your self-image. Many people tend to struggle with depression and anxiety because they are unsatisfied with their external looks. Getting cosmetic surgery done can help you uplift your mental health.

Permanent Results

Once you get cosmetic surgery done, your changed appearance is permanent. But for that, one has to continue to look after oneself in order not to regain your “undesired look.”

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Psychological Benefits

Getting plastic surgery done to reconstruct your bodily or facial features as per your liking can help elevate your confidence and how you perceive yourself. Once you start looking the way you want to, your social anxiety eventually decreases, and you can even gain a new outlook towards life and all its aspects.

Health and Quality of Life

Plastic surgeries can also be beneficial for one’s health and quality of life. For example, a breast reduction surgery can help a person living a life of continuous back pain. Removal of loose skin can help a person weigh less after the surgery. All of this can lead them to be more physically active and mentally satisfied.

The benefits of both plastic and cosmetic surgeries generally overlap and are pretty similar

Risks of Cosmetic Surgeries


It is no secret that cosmetic surgeries are quite expensive, and not everyone can afford to get them done. It may take years of saving up for you to get just one cosmetic surgery done, and sometimes the look that you desire may need more.

Risk of Death

It is not publicly talked about, but cosmetic surgeries can lead to the death of a person during or post-surgery. It generally happens due to the reaction to the anesthesia used for the surgery, which makes cosmetic surgery very risky for some people.

Medical Mistakes

A risk that one should not overlook before you undergo cosmetic surgery is that mistakes do happen even during surgeries. This has more probability of occurring than death and can sometimes cause permanent and irreversible damage such as nerve damage and facial paralysis.


It is not always that the surgeries live up to your expectations. One of the biggest disadvantages of cosmetic surgeries is that you will not always come out of it fully satisfied with how you look post-surgery. So even if you are not happy with how you look, you must know what you are going to be putting your body through and expect the least.

Risks of Plastic Surgery

 Psychological and Social Risks

The psychological and social risks that plastic surgery carries with it are the reactions you may get post-surgery. If you are not satisfied even after the surgery is done, or if it becomes a topic of gossip among your social circle, it can have adverse effects on your mental health.

Health Risks

Plastic surgeries have some health risks attached with them too. These surgeries can not only result in scars and disfigurement but also cause a lot of other internal problems post the surgical procedure. Some of the health risks that come with the surgery are infections, excessive bleeding, tissue death, blood clots, paralysis, nerve damage, pneumonia, anesthesia risks, and loss or change of sensation in the body. It is not even guaranteed that the person undergoing the surgery would be fully satisfied with it.

 To Conclude

The best way to look great when you see yourself in the mirror is to know that there is nothing such as “perfection,” and everyone is perfect in their own way. However, if one still feels like undergoing any self-improvement surgeries, you must know that everything has its own set of benefits and risks, and you need to be willing to undergo them too.