Top reasons to use micro-cannula for the lip injections

Lips are considered to be the main attraction regarding a smile. If you are really looking forward to having a perfect smile, you need to have well-defined lips. This is why lips are regarded as the most important region for aesthetic enhancement and injection. Along with nose and eyes, lips form triangle of beauty.  

Micro-cannula for lip augmentation

If you want to have the ultimate lip injection, you are supposed to get the treatment from the best professionals and places. In this regard, it would be better to go for microcannula technique as it has several benefits. 

Similar to the typical needles, the microcannulas have some hollow bore that allows fillers such as hyaluronic acid to properly pass into tissue. There is difference between tips of a needle and a micro-cannula. Tip of needles is pointed while tip of the micro-cannulas is round. 

The lip injection procedure consists of numbing your skin using some anaesthetic cream. Then some light pre-hole is made with help of a special device and then gently inserted micro-cannula into entry point. This procedure is really considered gentler on user or patient compared to using traditional needles. If needles are to be used in the process, then it is to leaves more bruising and traumatizes the skin even more which increases risks of the vascular occlusion out there. 

Go for a specific micro-cannula for lip injection

There are different kinds of microcannula technique that you could go for. But after doing proper research, you should settle with a specific type of technique to reap the benefits out of it. There are procedures like 27G25 and 27G40 cannulas in safe lip injections. Graduation is to make it safer and easier to properly identify region of micro-cannula during injection. You are not supposed to forget to refer to red dot, which allows recognizing outlet of filler for the optimal injection.

If you wish to have a better lip injection experience, then you are really supposed to use hyaluronic acid-based products or filers. These fillers should be of medium viscosity and concentration to say the least. Such fillers are considered to be appropriate to be used to treat wrinkles or lips in the best way possible.

Advantages of using micro-cannula for lips

Using a round-tipped micro-cannula for an effective lip augmentation certainly has several perks and benefits.

First of all, the process is less painful as compared to using needles. Needles cause more pain because it creates bruises and trauma. On the other hand, using a micro-cannula is more precise as it better distributes filler and effectively injects better results. 

Micro-cannula is better suited to get better natural results. It is really feasible to treat a big lip area with its one entry point. It essentially makes the practitioner’s job easy and effective to say the least. This is why most of doctors and physicians prefer to use this product for this effective lip treatment procedure. Get more information you can visit our website.