The Oily Fruit Juice Trick For Fast Weight Gain

Here’s a quick tip for you skinny guys who are struggling to pack on the pounds. Use the oily fruit juice trick for a massive calorie hit.

Here’s how it works: One liter of fruit juice contains roughly 450 calories, and adding fruit juice to your daily diet can in itself help you gain weight faster. Fruit juice is really not at all a bad weight gain food – as lots of obese people who drink a lot of fruit juice have discovered for themselves. But when you add some oil to the juice, it becomes really effective as a weight gain tool.

Just consider this: One gram of fruit juice provides about 0,45 calories. One gram of oil gets you a whopping nine calories. So what do you do? You drink one liter of fruit juice a day in addition to what you’re already eating. That gets you 450 calories. Now add just 50 grams (three to four tablespoons) of healthy plant oils to that liter of fruit juice, and the calorie count is doubled! We’re talking nine hundred calories here, which should be enough for even the skinniest guys to start adding weight, provided they’re already eating a quality, calorie sufficient diet.

What kinds of oils should you use? I would recommend that you go with a blend of things. Udo’s Choice is good, but pretty expensive, so mix that with flax seed oil and maybe a little extra virgin olive oil. The reason I do not want you to use a lot of olive oil is because most guys trying to gain weight are already getting way too much omega 6 fatty acids, and not enough omega 3 acids. That imbalance is a decidedly unhealthy one, and it could potentially get in the way of your muscle building efforts. Adding olive oil makes that imbalance even worse. Personally, I’d say go with 50% Udo’s Choice and 50% flax seed oil, as even Udo’s Choice could have more omega 3 fatty acids in my opinion – and flax seed oil has plenty of them. Make sure your oils have not been heated in any way – these types of plant oils become decidedly unhealthy once they’re exposed to high eat.

Will it taste horrible? No. I add these oils to fruit juices a lot myself, and don’t mind the taste at all. It’s definitely something you will notice, but it’s not bad. Having a glass of oil fortified fruit juice here and there throughout the day will be easy, and won’t kill your appetite.

You can also add oils to other foods. A client of mine used the oily fruit juice trick along with a daily oil fortified Mutant Mass weight gain drink over the course of november, december and january, and it was a definite success for him. Recommended! Don’t overdo this, though, as these healthy oils are only healthy until you overdose on them – like anything! Do also discuss radical dietary changes such as this one with your doctor before starting.